Funeral flowers

White Polestar

White funeral bouquet with various white flowers.

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Pink Memory

Pink Memory
A warm pink funeral bouquet.

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Red Memory

Red Memory
A warm funeral bouquet.

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Red Elegance

Red Elegance, a warm funeral bouquet.

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Pink Elegance funeral bouquet

Funeral Bouquet in pink colors

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White Elegance bouquet

Funeral Bouquet in white colors

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Funeral Arrangement in pink colors and season flowers

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Funeral Arrangement with tropical flowers

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White Dream

a creative arrangement (70cm) with several varieties of white flowers and greens.

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Sweet Sympathy

An arrangement (60cm) filled with nice pink and white flowers.

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Heartfield, an arrrangement (60cm) with beautiful white roses and various greens

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Funeral Arrangement of ca. 60cm

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The Rose

An oval arrangement (100cm) with a bed of red roses.

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White Heaven

White Heaven, an oval white arrangement (100cm)

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Heart of Harmony (art.1540)

Funeral Arrangement

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Heart Phalaenopsis

Special heart (60cm) with beautiful white flowers.

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